It’s all about the methodology!

COTS Implementation

For the last few decades Public and Private sector organizations are relying more and more on commercial applications to supplement, enhance and replace proprietary systems. This need for transformation is primarily by the promise of improved functionality and reduced total ownership cost. Along with this, the organizations typically face lack of capability to develop and maintain proprietary information technology applications.

21Tech has diverse experience implementing COTS implementations for some of the biggest public sector enterprises in North America and Canada. We adopt a six step methodology throughout the lifecycle. 21Tech has developed and fine-tuned a strategy to manage the organizational change effectively.

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Database Migration and Backend Integration

Database migrations are typically the most complex portion of a large scale implementation and can cause significant delays. Instead of using a "one size fits all" methodology, 21Tech has established a method and best practices to categorize the data migration into historical, transactional and master data components. This allows us to look at each component for efficiency and specific solutions that meet the client needs.

21Tech believes in designing solutions that are scalable to accommodate the future business and technology challenges. We believe in simple, elegant middleware solutions that create standardization and certainty with simple processes to on-board additional legacy and third party solutions.



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