21Tech's differentiator is developing strong accelerators to help hit the ground running :

  • Base configured products in a vertical, providing client Best Practice choices and hierarchies to start from.
  • Workshops with hands on changes and configurations for immediate feedback on base configured models.
  • Libraries of information, mapping and reports that are highly useful to clients.
  • Data migration methodologies that take into account known issues and milestones.
  • Change Management and Training that is woven in to the implementation strategy.


Leverage Proven Public Sector Methodology & User Stories: upper management dashboards, focused workshops & data migration methodology to reduce costs & accelerate implementation. Typical benefits: the ability to compress timelines, to effectively tap the broader practice’s base of experience, & working to a proven plan.


Data Templates

Focused Data Collection Templates: Data collection templates for assets, inventory, suppliers, open work orders, open requisitions and purchase orders streamline the data collection, transformation and load process. Often the critical path, data templates help the project team gain momentum on the data migration tasks.


Resource Pool

Leverage Resources with Public Sector Expertise: 21Tech has a strong consulting team with asset management, fleet and facility domain knowledge. The 21Tech consulting team understands and has implemented Infor EAM to support the Federal compliance and regulations.