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21Tech has unique skills in the Business and Property Tax vertical and our experience in implementing complex tax legislation translates well to other municipalities. We stand alone in implementing a Business Tax Solution in the state of California. With state and municipal tax rules in a state of continual "improvement", an integrated Tax Solution enables municipalities to more efficient and effectively implements the legislated changes in the tax laws.

Tax solutions provide municipalities the ability to maintain, bill, collect, distribute and track properties and related taxes. Workflow automation is also an important benefit of a tax solution, especially if the workflow crosses different units or agencies within the jurisdiction. With state and municipal tax rules in a state of continual "improvement", an integrated Tax Solution enables municipalities to more efficient and effectively implement the legislated changes in the tax laws.

Example of recent Taxation Project:
The Office of the Treasurer and Tax Collector (TTX). TTX serves as the banker, tax collector, collection agent, and investment officer for the City and County of San Francisco (City).

Business Challenge:

TTX was operating a 20 year old business tax system that was outdated, expensive and difficult to maintain, and that struggled to support the increasing demands of the department. Although TTX maximized the capabilities of the system and implemented workarounds, the system was no longer able to facilitate efficient operations. Moreover, in 2012, the need for a new system was more apparent than ever as voter-approved tax legislation could not be supported in the aging system.

Solution Delivery:

21Tech was enlisted to help TTX implement a multi-phase rollout of a replacement business tax / revenue management system. 21Tech served as the primary contractor and collaborated with a host of vendors, including teaming with our partners, Thomson Reuters.

21Tech provided a range of services including the technical design of the new solution architecture, project management, conversion, systems integration, deployment, user training, change management, and application support. Ultimately, working together with City leadership, the teams implemented a system that provided several key benefits:

  • Maintainability - the modular structure and native configurability of the system allows for straightforward, cost-effective updates.
  • Usability - the intuitive, graphical interface makes the system easy to use.
  • Adaptability - functionality enhancements can be added to keep the system modern without raising the total cost of ownership.
  • Benefits include automation of tax collection as required due to changes in tax laws
  • Creation of standard procedures used by the organization, even beyond the tax solution
  • Workflow automation
  • Document Storage and Management
  • Business & property taxes & custom solution
  • Online forms for client ease of use/payment of taxes
  • Provide data migration services
  • Business Analysts with Tax Expertise