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Management Team

Azhar Mahmood, Partner

Mr. Mahmood, co-founder at 21Tech, has built 21Tech from a startup to a highly successful company that believes in the philosophy: Earn the client’s trust. Mr. Mahmood believes in keeping the business focus while implementing a technology solution. Mr. Mahmood has a Master’s in Computer Science and 19+ years of experience in IT strategies and a technical background, Mr. Mahmood leads the operations and expansion strategy for the company. Mr. Mahmood’s experience includes implementation of Business Intelligence, Enterprise Asset management, Data Warehousing, Business Process Re-Engineering, Data Center Projects, Order Management, Billing and Financials, Workflow and Web based solutions.

Mr. Mahmood brings experience from projects that span fortune 100 companies and public sector. His experience includes multi-channel strategy, vendor selection and management, change management, organization level IT architecture, business process design, audits, surveys and business case development. More importantly, he provides a steady hand and a sure touch to the team and his clients, and has the credibility to deliver complex integration solutions.

Mr. Mahmood’s key clients include Microsoft, Oracle, Accela, AT&T, IBM, Charles Schwab, Franklin Templeton, City and County of San Francisco, City and County of Indianapolis, the Chicago Parks District and the Port of San Francisco.

Dilraj Kahai – Partner

Mr. Kahai, a self-professed passionate IT entrepreneur, has spent 20 years in IT Professional Services, ranging from the financial sector to government services. Mr. Kahai, co-founded 21Tech with his long time college friend. He leads the vision and direction for the company - from specializations, to developing strategic partnerships, to increasing the footprint of 21Tech. With a Master’s in Computer Science and a Bachelors in Mathematics and Computer Science, Mr Kahai has honed his craft in the enhancement of business processes, software strategies, and effective Technical ROI. He has led projects with more than 75 engineers in distributed workflow environments, automated solutions, public-private partnerships, data warehousing, Cloud services, Large scale government re-engineering and market branding. More importantly, he has led the company to achieve its goals in becoming trusted partners to clients and explosive growth.

Mr. Kahai’s clients include the City and County of San Francisco, Oracle, City of Indianapolis, AT&T, Levi Strauss, City of Chicago, Microsoft, AT&T and the State of California. He places a high priority on being available and responsive to his clients, and believes in fostering a close partnership with strategic vendor partners including Oracle, Infor, Microsoft, Accela, Manatron, and Adobe.

Christopher J Dempsey – Vice President Professional Services

Christopher Dempsey is Vice President Professional Services; Responsible for customer engagements and customer satisfaction Mr. Dempsey is an integral part of all 21Tech Client relationships. Expanding the capabilities of 21Tech Mr. Dempsey is responsible for 21 Tech’s industry direction and corporate alignment to strategic solutions Mr. Dempsey has over 25 years of information technology experience success managing a portfolio of highly diverse range of clients and businesses in the areas of Tax, Utilities, Permitting, Licensing and IT Services.

Mr. Dempsey’s technical expertise spans all aspects of Program and Project management life cycles, with an impressive history providing technology and business leadership at Sierra Systems, HP, Saber Corporation, Bearing Point and the California Independent System Operator (CA ISO).

Craig Holt – Vice President of Business Development

Craig has been a catalyst for change in the public sector spanning 25 years, including experience working in various government agencies in the State of Oregon (1980-1995). Through his consulting career he has provided IT and Strategy Services to a wide variety of clients include the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC), National Security Agency (NSA), Washington D.C. - DPW, State of New York - Department of Taxation and Finance, City of San Jose (CA), City of Seattle (WA), City and County of San Francisco, State of Alaska House Finance Committee, Colorado-Department of Transportation, State of Montana - Human Resources Department, and Auditor General of British Columbia.

As a former Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the State of Oregon’s Department of Transportation, he lead a significant transformation of the entire IT operations which included a 24/7 data center, State Wide Telecom, WAN/Network Services, and Application Development. The transformation resulted in the creation of an IT Investment Board, integration of four IT organizations into an Enterprise Information Services Department, and transitioned from a “budget” focus to a “fee for service” orientation. This was done employing a team based approach to decision making throughout his organization.

Mr. Holt has been the recipient of numerous awards throughout his career, most notably the Superior Civilian Service Award (Department of Army), Vision and Innovation Award (Governor, State of Oregon), Investing in People Award (Governor, State of Oregon), and National Excellence Award for Managing for Results. He has contributed or authored articles for; The Public Manager, Spectrum Quarterly, Information Week, Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal, Government Executive, and Public Technology Inc. magazines.

Ali Nasiri – Director of Technology

Mr. Nasiri is the responsible for architecting software solutions for our customers. Ali is a professional with 22 years of experience in providing software services to his broad range of clients, from semiconductor factory automation to modern office automation solutions. He has worked on all aspects of the software development, from software design and implementation, to architecting standard and customized software solutions, to integration/interfacing of enterprise level software applications for clients.

Ali has a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Vienna University of Technology in Austria. Mr. Nasiri’s broad knowledge across the industries and excellent technical and analytical skills, enable him to create practical solutions for real problems.